GOSEN Ryzonic 58 Badminton String

GOSEN Ryzonic 58 Badminton String

GOSEN Ryzonic 58 Badminton String

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Prologue >>>

/ It started from scratch. /

The project for the ultimate badminton string was a ground-up effort.
We thoroughly reviewed everything and worked out a mind-boggling
number of combinations, from the material selection to manufacturing methods
and repeated actual testing with a large number of development samples.
We designed the rubber-like resilience created by twisting the core yarn,
the spring-like repulsive force created by evenly and densely assembling the side yarns,
and the synergistic effect of condensing the core and side yarns with a strong coating.
RYZONIC, a badminton string of the evolutionary stage,
was created by verifying these factors.
This string provides a smash like a flash of lightning.
It pierces the court and the counter-receive returns the birdie with an easy grip.
This string also serves a delicate and flexible touch in front of the net.
The RYZONIC, a condensed version of all GOSEN technologies,
will take your play to a new stage.

RYZONIC : Coined from the words Lightning(Japanese word, 雷: rai) , Zenith and Sonic.

Theme of development >>>

Quantitative & Qualitative

RYZONIC took about two years to develop.
Excellent badminton string meets the performance requirements of
various playing situations at a high level.
GOSEN created numerous prototype samples
in the lab at the R&D center and on the actual production line to thoroughly verify
physical property values and changes.
However, in actual playing scenes, these values are not always absolutely correct.
GOSEN needed to work out every detail with players’ sensitivity
and numerical proof to heighten string performance to the extreme.
GOSEN studied all badminton string products of
today to make them things of the past.
The badminton gut, RYZONIC, has been completed after trial and error.
GOSEN is proud to be a pioneer of Japanese string brand
and has been close to players,
and GOSEN confidently releases this new product.

map image

Technology >>>

Technology image

The core fiber, composed of super-strong nylon, is twisted by a special process to enable it to be charged with repulsive energy. This string increases resilience at impact and produces powerful rebound energy.


Using a braiding process that precisely assembles ultrafine side yarns, GOSEN has achieved a powerful spring-like repulsive effect and high-tension maintenance performance.

string surface 3D photo

GOSEN’s proprietary resin forms a thin film that does not damage surface irregularities caused by braiding. While the shuttlecock is strongly gripped to increase resilience, it also has high sliding properties to reduce stress during stringing.

Physical data >>>

GOSEN compared the rebound performance and durability of RYZONIC and those of conventional products.
RYZONIC outperformed in all areas.

Physical Data bar graph image 1
Physical Data bar graph image 2
※Tested by Gosen Co., Ltd.

Acoustic data >>>

RYZONIC and conventional products were tested at an acoustic measurement facility.
This test was conducted immediately after tensioning and after one week.
The results demonstrated the superiority of RYZONIC in terms of performance maintained.

Acoustic Data graph image1
Comparison after tensioning shows that RYZONIC maintains a high-tone range for longer.
Acoustic Data graph image 2
RYZONIC maintained a high-tone range for longer after a week.
※Tested by Gosen Co., Ltd.
RYZONIC: A high-tone range can be maintained for a long time
= High performance of tension maintenance

Specification >>>

RYZONIC65 package
RYZONIC65 logo
GAUGE : 0.65mm
LENGTH : 10m (33FT.)

Nylon multi-filament and braided mono-filament with Specialized coating.

LENGTH : 200m (722FT.)
RYZONIC65 spec parameter
RYZONIC65 logo
RYZONIC58 logo
GAUGE : 0.58mm
LENGTH : 10m (33FT.)

Nylon multi-filament and braided mono-filament with Specialized coating.

LENGTH : 200m (722FT.)
RYZONIC58 spec parameter
RYZONIC spec coordinate

Movie >>>


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